Edward - Application

  • In-game name: Roy

    Jerusalem themed name (Optional): Edward

    Current age: 20 on Sunday

    Current residence: New Jersey, USA (GMT -5)

    Do you have TeamSpeak and a working microphone: Yes

    Steam Link: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198278170997/

    Relevant experience: Lord/Arch Maester here, King of Blackfyre, etc.

    Reason for applying: I left a week ago because I was quite bored of sitting around doing nothing for a while and the dynamic of the server but I was told this could be the last time the clan will be around and I'd like to be there in the end. Also I was told Benji was on a diet, and I didn't want to miss my dad's election as pope because that and pigs flying would have to happen before that rolling filthy lard eats anything other than 15 big macs a day.

    Do you know anybody in the clan who can vouch for you?: Probably rhen, ulfer, alecks, will, gaz.

    Do you accept the code of conduct?: Yes.

    Hi im Roy and im slightly overweight.

    "Now if you see a nigger on the road, you speed up. MURCA!" - Tav